Bitcoin Mining Service



We are sharing in one of the largest Bitcoin mining pools in the world!

Bitcoin and other digital currencies operate as peer-to-peer networks, which means everyone who uses the currency is actually a piece of the system. Mining is simply the term used for maintaining the block chain and verifying each transaction.
Miners use special hardware to solve complex math problems and are issued a certain number of new Bitcoins in exchange. This provides a unique way to issue the currency and also creates an incentive for more miners to participate.
As the popularity of Bitcoin increases more miners join the network, which makes it harder to solve these math problems. For this reason, Mining is no longer feasible for an individual and it will continue to get even harder. This has led to the creation of Mining Pools, where many people combine their computing power and increase their odds to mine for Bitcoin.


RPCTCLUB Network partners mining operation in Reykjavik Iceland.
Iceland provides the perfect environment for large scale mining because not only is the temperature cool all year around, but the island provides 100% clean and renewable energy by utilizing natural Hydroelectric and Geothermal technology.
This means we are not polluting the air and providing a very responsible and green way to mine for Bitcoin. We believe this will soon become a big issue in the world as the combined network power of Bitcoin continues to grow and the amount of electricity being used is outrageous. So we are taking a proactive step to be green! Oh, and it also helps this power is cheaper than anywhere in the world so it's a big Win-Win for our members to be green.

About 70% of our future expansion will be in this new facility. We continue to mine all over the world looking for the best scenarios and solutions for our members. We will never put all of our eggs in one basket but we plan to make this our biggest basket over the next few years.
If you would like to see this facility please contact us, we are allowing certain members exclusive access to tour this facility. You must be a Founder or higher to be considered and in the near future we will even have special offers for Master Builders to get an all-expense paid trip (details inside Member's Area).

Our partners ae mining many other Digital Assets like Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Dash, Monero, and Zcash. Our means you will earn 100% of your mining earnings each day. With this pool RpctClub experts decide which coins you want to mine at any given time with full control over your hashing power. We believe this pool will be our most profitable because of how many different digital assets you can mine.

TIMING IS CRITICAL... Bitcoin its $4700 August 29,2017 its time …DIGITAL ASSETS HAVE ARRIVED!

Today almost everyone has access to the Internet and uses it everyday. In the first few years of the Internet everyone knew about it but most people hesitated in jumping in until it became "mainstream." That is exactly where Bitcoin is right now.
We are at the very beginning of Bitcoin, Blockchain technology and the new concept of Digital Currency, Digital Smart Contracts, and more. This technology has the power to transform how we do business, store records, transfer value, and much much more that we have not even thought of yet.
RPCTCLUB Network offers a real opportunity to cash in on this technology, there is nothing else like this. Our partners have been running their mining operations for 3 years and we believe there is a 3-5-year window to cash in on this new Digital Asset class. Our RpctClub members continues to expand worldwide as we turn more and more people into Bitcoin believers.
We are just getting started with RPCTCLUB Network and you don't want to miss your chance to leverage this new technology and make some money!