RpctClub Live Mining Account Earnings Example Only!



60,000 plus BITCOINS MINED 

RpctClub Live Mining Account Earnings Example Only!

January 1 through September 1 2017 Active Account:

Mining Pool Earnings


Earned: 1.23115 BTC

RpctClub Network Mining Pool Overview

How it Works

We operate our mining pools very similar to how other mining pools are run, except we offer a unique opportunity for members to purchase mining hardware in the form of shares that are paid out over the course of 600 1,000 days. Unlike most mining pools that just sell hashing power and then pay you on the power as it diminishes, we allow you to earn on the overall growth of the pool and offer ways for you to increase your shares. 

Here's how it works... Whatever you earn from the pool will be credited to your account daily with a percentage automatically taken out and put toward re-purchasing additional shares. Each re-purchase goes toward more mining equipment and paying all fees associated with running the pool. 

You can easily control how much you want to use for re-purchasing and the more you use the larger your shares will become. Each pool has its own minimum requirement and you can change this as often as you like below. 

Mining Pool #1 Total Shares: 1.605

Total Earnings: 0.18987 BTC

Last 24 Hours: 0.00087

Mining Pool #2 Total Shares: 1.568
Total Earnings: 0.33698 BTC

Last 24 Hours: 0.00171

Mining Pool #3 Total Shares: 1.6003

Total Earnings: 0.70429 BTC

Last 24 Hours: 0.00326

IMPORTANT: When you purchase membership and equipment a share of any pool your 600 1,000-day mining contract will NOT begin for 30 days. You will see a total of 1030 days until the share will expire, after these initial 30 days you will begin earning daily and accumulating partial shares. We have built in this 30 day wait time to account for (setting up) the mining equipment. This also applies to all partial shares as you will see in the table above. This is an example of mining earnings from an active member account. Results will vary daily as bitcoins are mined and there is NO ROI set number for transactions. This is NOT an Investment but a purchase of equipment for mining Bitcoin Daily!



Bitcoin India: 0.5%
KanoPool: 0.3%
ConnectBTC: 0.2%
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