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If you are developer or official representative of cryptocurrency, you can request adding your cryptocurrency to a public exchange represented by PrivateICO.

The most direct way is a direct payment. Price for listing new cryptocurrency is a separate service from creating your token . If you're interested, please contact us via

Don't forget to provide detailed information (including technical one) about your cryptocurrency.

Please provide the following data when you request listing:

  • Link to official git of your node

  • Link to bitcointalk topic or any similar forum / dedicated board of your cryptocurrency

  • Link to official website of your cryptocurrency

  • Link to blockchain or certified code which must operate verified, it cannot be under construction or in beta

Make sure that your git have technical manual to compile node.

By applying request to add coin, you as developer agree to report about technical issues with your cryptocurrency, node, block explorer etc. You also agree to notify us about possible forks beforehand. Developer is responsible for cases of losing coins due to fork or technical / security issues with node.

We will review your application and in positive case offer you to send payment too special BTC address. We will start working on listing of your cryptocurrency after getting payment. Listing can take up to 2 weeks due to big networks queue loads with new applications. 

 This service includes registration on public exchange which means your token/coin will be a publicly traded commodity on exchange.


This product is for crowding projects ,fund raisers,institutional funding for projects,movie product,P& A funding,franchise purchase or business expansion or acquisition projects.




*All purchases are final after 3 Business days No Refunds